WEB-800x600RAI Institute is a private, independent, institute and think tank for research and strategic studies that is dedicated to providing new insights through fact-based research and analysis.

Founded in January 2014, our institute is committed to strengthening democratic institutions, promoting sustainable economic policy, and advancing civil society in Kuwait and the region. Our goal is to create and support constructive discourse on the key issues that face Kuwait by providing objective insights on past, current and forecasted future challenges and to inform policy makers on optimal solutions.

Our institute produces timely, impartial, and independent research and analysis, by collaborating with domain experts and thought leaders in the academic, political and business communities.

RAI Institute advocates for reform in the political, economic and social spheres through the production of rigorous analysis of national issues, the publication of articles, and by providing an independent forum in which decision-makers and interested individuals alike can interact in an open environment. Our think tank aims to become an essential source of data, information, and intelligence for its members and partners, as well as key decision makers, governmental and parliamentary officials, and members of the general public.

RI Insights

The Kurdish referendum cannot go forward

Beirut: The impending independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan on September 25 could touch off a whole new round of fighting in Iraq. (more...)

In the name of the tribe

Kuwait: Often when I read about tribal politics in Kuwait I see some assumptions and stereotypes that I really don’t like. If you are a tribal member from Adwani, Ajmi, Awazem, Enaizi, Shimmari, Rashidi, Zufayri, or (more...)