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There never was a peace plan

paul gadalla

by Paul Gadalla

Rai Insights Contributor

Beirut: The Arab-Israeli peace process from the get go has been nothing but a farce. People should not even be stunned by the fact of America recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


Trump’s move to name Jerusalem the capital of Israel on December is no surprise.  It finally puts America’s bias in favor of Israel out in the open.  His move pleases the Republican’s evenagelical base and of course Israel’s conservative leadership. To Israel’s premier, his government’s ever-growing land grab now has legitimacy from a super power. But overall it also shows that America and Israel have zero interest or will to see a true Palestinian state come into being.


Since the late 1970’s, ebginning with the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, there have been a number of attempted peace treaties that have yet to yield an inch of Palestinian land. Every single American administration has claimed to be committed to the peace process yet turned a blind eye to Israel’s constant settlement building and horrific aggressions towards the Palestinian peoples. Now 400,000 settlers live in the West Bank alone and 200,000 in East Jerusalem.  Through these settlements, on top of bombardents , house demolitions and land wall, Israel has created a web around Palestinian land. Even the famous Oslo Accords, which were supposed to lead to the creation of a Palestinian state was doomed from the beginning because of Israel’s constant expansions into already dwindling Palestinian lands.  According to Said,  these settlements have created a “matrix of control” through its their bureaucracy and security outposts and led to the Accords’ failure.  And indeed he was right, Israel never lived up to its end of the bargain. It never spelled out defined policiest hat would lead to a full pull out of settlements or how it would deal with the rght of return for refugees.

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Israel and the US have also boycotted major political factions like Hamas, even when they have come to power democratically. By avoiding setting deadlines and making unrealistic demands, Israel and the US have skirted ever implementing any concrete paths to peace. It should have been obvious to the international world that p talks of peace with only one Palestinian faction were nothing but the US pretended to be unbiased. But US military aid and diplomatic cover continue to Israel unabated, even when the world has condemned its savage bombing of Palesitnian cities like Gaza. The US recognition of Jerusalem as its capital only makes known America’s intentions from the beginning.


Israel and America have also been good at declawing the Arab World and co-opting its enemies.  Egypt and Jordan’s treaties with Israel have not strengthened either nation in helping Palestinians. Both countries were once formidable foes are now steadfast allies of the Zionist state. And as Israel continues to massacre Palestinians both countries utter condemnations yet do little to stop the problem.


Even now Israelis are meeting with Saudi officials, and Saudi Arabi has hinted at recognizing Israel. Even Gulf states like the UAE have been found to be dealing with Israeli security firms. As Israel has co-opted powerful Arab states and has diplomatic cover, it will continue to act with impunity.  In the Zionist entity’s eyes there is very little to stop it and now Trump has given them even more leverage.  Israel will continue to destroy Palestinian homes and now with America recognizing Jerusalem as its capital, could very well attempt to annex all of East Jerusalem.


What is needed now is for Arab nations to unite once more in solidarity with Palestinians much like what happened with the oil embargo of 1973. Also Palestinian factions (especially Fatah and Hamas) must bury the hatchet and look to form a united struggle against Israeli like the First Intifada.  Already much of the world has condemned Trump’s decision and this is something that Palestinians must use to their advantage.


The Palestinian Authority must recognize by now, as it is surrounded by a border wall and ever-growing settlements, that attempting to work with Israel will yield nothing. Historically speaking, the only times Israel has gone to the negotiation table is after both intifiadas and incursions from Arab states.  Another intifada and pressure from surrounding Arab countries would show Israel that the web it has spun is ineffective.  If they do not come together again to challenge Israeli aggressions, then the dream of an independent Palestine is gone.

*Paul Gadalla is a New York native communication specialist and aspiring political analyst based in Beirut, Lebanon

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